Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Help Someone in Need This Christmas

You Are Blessed to Be a Blessing

Every year at Valeo Health and Wellness Center we partner with the CAP agency to help people in need during Christmas. This year more than ever there is a great need for your help.

The names of the people have arrived but unfortunately we have very little time. We need your help. The names need to be picked and the gifts returned by December 8th. That only leaves two weeks. We have been given 75 names. Some of the names have already been taken but there is still lots left. If you have sponsored someone in the past and are wanting to do it again this year, great! Stop by the office and pick a name. If you have never done it before, it's very easy. Stop by the office and pick a name. The name has the age of the person and what they are hoping to get for Christmas. Buy a gift for them, wrap it, and bring it back to our office before Dec. 8th. Most gifts range in price from $25-50. If that is out of your budget then buy them something less expensive or go together with a friend, family member, or co-worker to buy a gift.

Thank you for blessing someone who may not receive any other gift this Christmas. Have a great Thanksgiving!

P.S. you may want to stop by the office today and pick up a name so you could take advantage of the great sales this week-end! We are open until 6 pm today Nov. 25th.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is the Water You are Drinking Just Going Down the Drain?

Why "ReHydrate"? - The dangers of Cellular Dehydration and the Importance of "ReHydrating" at a cellular level.

Lack of hydration or "dehydration" is at epidemic levels in society today. Water acts as a flushing mechanism in the kidneys. On a system level, without appropriate hydration, a person's organs are subjected to inordinate stress. Our brain, working around the clock, requires more water than any other part of the body. An improperly hydrated nervous system cannot function at an optimum level. In fact, water is so important that at birth we are approximately 75% water, yet by age 70 it is estimated that human water percentage can be as low as 40%. Society is living in a constant state of dehydration.

Chronic disease is always accompanied by dehydration and in many cases caused by cellular dehydration. Water must be pure and charged appropriately to pass through a cell membrane. Essentially all body function needed for vitality is affected by "intra-cellular hydration". Even the slightest declines of cellular hydration can have a negative impact on mental acuity and physical performance and development. Dehydration can lead to toxicity (water retention which manifest as swollen arms, hands, legs, feet, and face); electrolyte imbalance which can manifest as muscle cramps, fibromyalgia, dementia, malaise, fatigue, insomnia; nutritional deficiency can lead to allergies, disorientation, clinical depression, joint pain and various other conditions. All this can lead to a hardening of the cell-wall which reduces permeability. Water, like any other nutrient must be absorbed across the cell membrane or you can drink water all day long and still suffer cellular dehydration. ReHydrate is a homeopathic remedy that allows you to absorb the water you are drinking. Stop by the front desk and pick up a bottle and see for yourself how it can help you utilize the water that you are drinking.

copyright BioVeda

Monday, November 2, 2009

Meet Jonnie Goodmanson

Jonnie Goodmanson is nationally certified teaching massage therapist, wife, mother of two and Christ-centered yoga instructor. Jonnie got her start in massage therapy in 2000 when living in Phoenix, AZ. After graduating Jonnie went on to teach for 6 years. She taught 8 different forms of bodywork, Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, and Marketing. In 2007, she started her practice practice focusing on mostly athletes and chronic injuries. She is currently massage captain for Ironman Arizona and teaches part time for Holy Yoga. She is very excited to meet you and help you unleash your full God given potential for health.

To schedule an appointment call Valeo Health and Wellness Center at 952-949-0676!