Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vital Organs in Blood Sugar Processes

Which Vital Organs are Most Directly Involved in Blood Sugar Processes?

With an out of control trend toward diabetes in our modern world, doctors need to be aware of how to help, naturally. If you're supporting the liver and pancreas, you're on the right track.

Since the pancreas is the site of insulin secretion, you're right in helping it out with chromium-containing glucose tolerance factor (GTF). But remember that the liver also plays an important role in maintaining blood sugar levels. When blood sugar and insulin levels are elevated following eating, the liver stores excess glucose as glycogen. Along with insulin, this helps prevent blood sugar levels from rising too high. When blood sugar and insulin levels drop, as they do between meals, the liver breaks down stored glycogen into glucose, and delivers it back into the bloodstream, to prevent blood sugar levels from falling too low. If supplies of glucose are hampered, the liver can step in by producing extra glucose, through a process called gluconeogenesis. The liver uses various glucose precursors to manufacture glucose.

The moral of the story? Feed the pancreas, liver and digestive system. VitaLiv for the liver, GTF Complex for blood sugar problems, and Green Nutrients for nutrients supportive of all body systems.

Nutriplex Formulas

Which Vital Organs are Most Directly Involved in  Blood Sugar Processes?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Digestion Stress?

Why so HCl Deficient?

  • Stress: Sympathetic overload shuts down the parasympathetic system.
  • Too much protein: Requires greatest amount of HCL (hydrochloric acid).
  • Poor eating habits:
    • Pig out all at once;
    • Don’t chew food well;
    • Drink too much water;
    • Drink liquid during meals.
  • Lack of Thiamine / Zinc: B1 and Zinc are both necessary for HCL production in the stomach. Zinc #1 deficient mineral.
  • Antacids: And other prescribed medications or drugs designed to suppress stomach acid production before it even gets started!
  • Alcohol robs the body’s ability to make HCL.
  • Salt Free Diets: Sodium need.
  • Aging: Decreased HCL production

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Non-Toxic Deodorant - Easy to Make!!!

1/4 cup baking soda (or less if sensitive skin)
1/4 cup cornstarch
10 drops tea tree oil or lavender oil (use organic if at all possible)
2-5 TBSP coconut oil

Mix all ingredients together and place in old deodorant stick or glass container. Let sit to mold for 1 day.

Note: 3 TBSP coconut oil seems to be perfect amount. Look out for melting during hot summer months ~ keep in cool, dry place.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Autism Helped Thorugh Cranial Sacral Therapy

Rafael is a seven-year-old boy from Africa diagnosed with
severe autism. His family moved to the United States in order
to find better services for him. He scored fifty-seven initially on
the Childhood Autism Rating Scale, which is the highest end of
the severely autistic range.

Rafael was essentially nonverbal, very aggressive, and scared of
people.He experienced nightly sleep disturbances. He was highly
agitated and difficult to console, which are traits of social and language
disabilities within the autism spectrum. Severe motor disturbances
(executional praxis) were also apparent, as he could not imitate any
actions or carry out independent motions.

Rafael was referred to our clinic for occupational therapy with
Sensory Integration, but the family was seeking CranioSacral Therapy
as well. He was enrolled in a private special education program
and received speech therapy at another clinic.

Though the entire craniosacral system first appeared to be completely
restricted, there was eventually a cranial rhythm detected in the feet.
Still point inductions were the primary means of intervention
for several weeks.

By the six-month mark, eighty percent of Rafael’s intervention
was CranioSacral Therapy. By this time he was sleeping through
each night, plus the family found it quite easy to direct him toward
bed. They used to have to drive him around for miles to help him
fall asleep every night. This had been their ritual for nine years of
their son’s life.

Rafael began to follow simple directions and to use four or five
signs for communication. He was also starting to utter recognizable
words at times. This improvement did not emerge until the onset of
CranioSacral Therapy, even though he had received work in this
area for months prior.

Another change was in Rafael’s behavior at school. The day used
to consist of the staff preventing him from hurting himself or others.
Now he was able to participate in the learning process. His aggression,
manifested in grabbing people by the throat, had been reduced by
ninety to ninety-five percent. (He would still resort to this
communication tactic during extreme moments of stress.)

There was significant increase in eye contact, smiling, and overall
mood improvement. Rafael showed agitation less than ten percent
of the time. Eventually it became clear that an underlying illness
was imminent at these times of behavioral deteriorations. During
the six months prior to the start of CranioSacral Therapy, he used
to cry incessantly. Crying was now reported as being minimal,
even rare, occurring only when he was not feeling well. This
improvement was a major relief for his parents and other
family members.

Rafael’s father,who is a scientist, especially wanted the Cranio-
Sacral Therapy to continue as part of his son’s ongoing health

Susan Vaughan Kratz,OTR, BCP
CranioSacral Therapy Practitioner since 2000
Jackie Kucharski,OTR
CranioSacral Therapy Practitioner since 2002

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Be Set Free!

By Dr. Aaron Morland
When we talk about health most people think about their physical health yet we are a three part body; body, mind and soul. Many people do not realize that one area can affect another area. A physical problem can interfere with our spiritual health and a spiritual issue can cause a physical problem. A great example of this is the following story

"Lying in bed, I just wanted to die. I did not want to kill myself but I just wanted to be in heaven. I wanted the pain to go away. I rarely ever missed a day of work but no way was I going to work today. What was going on? Why did I feel this way? How did I get to this place in my life? How am I going to get through this? I had taken such great care of myself, exercised, ate the right things, avoided the wrong things yet I was sick. Not physically but emotionally and spiritually. The worst part of it was that I had no idea what I was going to do but God knew and He set me free!

All my life I have pretty much accomplished everything I set my mind to. Not just accomplishing it but doing very well at it. From school to work I succeeded. In 2004 I set out to accomplish and succeed at another venture. I opened a business and was ready! The business started off very successfully. It was busy and things seemed to be falling in place. On the outside things looked very successful but on the inside I was struggling but I had no idea why.

As the months went by the business seemed to be going well still but inside I was struggling more and more. Soon the business started to be affected. This caused the struggle within to increase significantly. I started doubting what I was doing. I was upset with God and I didn't know where to turn. I felt that I had taken a leap of faith following what I thought God had planned for me and that things should just be falling in place but they weren't. Was God playing some kind of cruel joke on me? To take me out of a good job that paid well and make me go through so much, years of schooling, only to watch me fail. I did not know what to do. I wanted to go back to the way things were or better yet, just take me now God. I just wanted to be in heaven and no longer have to go through this struggle.

Throughout this time, I was praying more than ever. I was begging God to take this away from me. My wife was also praying for me and trying to help. I went to my church for prayer. As we were doing this, things seemed to be getting worse! I could not wait until Friday came to be done work. When Sundays came I was very anxious about Monday and it was getting harder and harder to go to work. It made no sense. I was so passionate about what I did, I loved the field I was in and yet I was struggling to go to work. I was depressed, anxious, and afraid and I had no where to go. Until one day I decided to not go to work. That day I tried to listen to motivational CDs, read things to get me back on track, and try to get "fired" up for my work. None of it helped.

I had to do something, my wife had suggested that I see a doctor and even think about getting medication for this. Even if it was only temporary. She was worried about me. I did not feel that was the way God wanted me to go. But she was right I did need to see someone. I was involved in a networking group that had a psychotherapist who was also a life coach but she would also mention that she did healing through prayer. I did not know what that meant but it sounded like a pretty good combination for what I was dealing with. It wasn't easy to give up my pride and do this though. To go to a therapist wasn't exactly a "manly" thing to do. After all we are suppose to just walk it off and pain is just weakness leaving the body.

I had never been to a therapist before so I did not know what to expect. After going to see her, I can say that what she did is probably not what most therapists would do. Rather than spending a lot of time asking me about my past and how things in my past made me feel, she started by finding out what I was dealing with right now and looking at what lies I was believing from my past that are affecting me right now. When we found out what the lies were, then we asked for God to speak His truth to me. This was not at all what I expected. I saw her for a few sessions which were very healing, enough for me to get back to work and start enjoying it again.

What was most amazing is the healing I had with my dad. I had not spoken to him for many years because of things from the past. I had told myself I had forgiven him but yet I had no plans of ever speaking to him again. When I would think of things from the past that he had done, I would get angry and my heart would race. After going through these sessions with the therapist, I decided to call him and talk. It was amazing! As soon as I did, I felt a change in me. I felt healed of so many things. The crazy thing was not only was I healed of things currently, I was healed of past hurts. Things that I used to think of that caused me to get angry no longer did. It was such a burden lifted off of me. I cannot describe I good it felt. I later came to find out that what the therapist did was called "Theophostic Prayer."

I learned a lot going through that time. I learned about God pruning us and sanctification. I learned about lies that we believe and God's truths. I learned about trapped emotions and how to release them. But most of all I learned how to be set free that day and I am forever grateful!"
From my experience, many people may be dealing with similar problems yet do not know what to do. It can be very difficult. The most difficult thing for me about the story you just read is that it is my story. I got the help that I needed though. I continue to work on my health, but now I make sure I am taking care of all three parts of my body. Are you?

Should You Take Supplements?

By Becca Griffith
If so, which ones? Will chewing on a rock give you the calcium you need?

In order to answer those questions we must first look at the purpose of food. Food is first and foremost a way for our body to be nourished but it is also for more. Food also is for enjoyment and pleasure, otherwise God would not have created taste buds. Food is also a way for us to connect. There are many stories in the Bible centered around food. Adam and Eve were tempted by the devil using food. In fact just look at the last supper and Jesus using food as a way to be in communion with God. God's purpose for food was definitely more than just for nourishment but that does not mean that is is not for nourishment.

According to the Oxford American Dictionary, nourishment is defined as: “The substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.” My questions to you then; does your current diet nourish your body? What happens to our bodies when we don't get the proper nutrients? Can't I just eat junk and take a multivitamin to make sure I am getting the proper nutrients? Aren't all supplements the same? In this article I hope to help by answering all these questions.

Over the last couple of centuries, our food production practices have declined drastically. This has left us truly hungry for nutrients; real nutrient that our bodies recognize. Even those who follow a strictly organic diet may still find that their bodies aren’t operating according to the way they were designed. But why? The majority of organic farms do not practice the correct methods of rebuilding the soil, where the nutrients actually come from. Where does this leave us as food consumers? Unless you’re able to build up your own soils and grow all of your own food, you’re going to need to supplement your diet with additional nutrients.

There are three types of supplements widely available to us that people turn to in hopes of adding these additional nutrients:
• Whole food supplementation
• Nutraceuticals
• Synthetic

Many people ask if their bottles of supplements are any good. I often ask where they were purchased, what brand they are, and finally, most importantly, what are the ingredients in them?

Let’s break down the differences between the three types of supplements so you can understand what benefits or harms that may be brought to the body.

This term has become trendy more recently and is merged together from the words “nutrition“ and “pharmaceuticals.” Nutraceutical products range all over the board from being a combination of only isolated nutrients in a capsule or powder to a combination of isolated nutrients along with whole food products. It sounds like a beneficial concept at first glance. The isolated nutrients are determined by what is believed, at the time, to be a powerful component to a food or herbal substance that can be beneficial. When food substances are stripped away from all of the others nutrients it was originally grown with, this can create deficiencies elsewhere in the body. You’ll find nutraceuticals in beverages, cereals, pills, powder form, and many other forms.

Synthetic supplements
Synthetic supplements are exactly as they sound. They are forms of nutrients “duplicated” from the natural form of the original nutrient. They are often isolated nutrients, synthesized, and then highly concentrated to give the fastest “benefit” to the body. This is what you’ll find in prescription medications. Unfortunately, one may find relief in the body for the original symptom they were taking it for; however, other side effects either set in immediately or after a few weeks, months, and even years. This is because the body is using its other stored nutrients, whether from the bones, organs, fat, or tissues in attempts to digest this foreign compound that is in the body. Synthetic supplements are not only in prescription medications, but often in your local drugstore self-labeled products at that low cost “advantage.”

Whole Food Supplements
Whole food supplements are concentrated real food nutrients often in pill or powdered form. Making sure that how these supplements come to their final form are of utmost importance. How and where the food, animals, and herbs are grown are just as critical to the outcome of the product as how they are processed. Companies such as Standard Process or Garden of Life have a higher standard to their product lines and your body will know it. Standard Process is the only company in America that produces their products from seed to supplement. In other words, they raise their animals, grow their own food, and package their own supplements. No middlemen involved.

Overall, the rule of thumb is you get what you pay for. Just as we should know where our food comes from, it is equally, if not more important to know where your supplements come from.

Meet Becca Griffith

Valeo Health and Wellness would like to welcome Becca Griffith to our team. Becca specializes in Nutritional Coaching, ElectroDermal Screening, and Nutritional Response Testing.
"There are two tremendous interests that have never changed in my life: God and health. Both are woven into everything I do and think about. Growing up, I dealt with eczema and a few food allergies. I assumed they were my lot in life since they were seemingly inherited. I tried to keep the rashes at bay with special creams and pills. Unfortunately, by the end of my undergrad years, a new set of symptoms showed up. If anyone told me what I was in for, I may have opted out! Doctors shrugged their shoulders and referred me to the next specialist. Frustrated and desperate, I soon realized that God was already guiding the way to answers.
A couple of friends referred me to a naturopath and an electrodermal screener. Over time, my body was brought back into balance! From being stuck in a situation of reacting to ALL foods, all the way to the freedom of consuming anything (without medication!), I started to understand a whole new level of how our bodies were designed and that healing can also take place nutritionally.
I am working on my doctorate in Naturopathy through Clayton College of Natural Health and heavily involved in real food education. I specialize in Nutritional Coaching, ElectroDermal Screening, and Nutritional Response Testing. I have a passion to introduce people to food that not only tastes amazing, but brings life back into the body. I’ve seen it happen countless times and I want to see it happen to you!
Please don’t let another day go by thinking that you have to be trapped in a situation you feel stuck in. We will take care of you here at Valeo and guide you into true freedom!"
Becca Griffith