Thursday, April 14, 2011

Acu baby?

Are you or someone you know struggling to get pregnant? Stressing out about not being pregnant is one of the many reasons why women cannot conceive. Stress is a big blocker as is what you eat. Creating a healthy environment for baby to grow seems to be overlooked. Folic Acid is essential, as is whole foods (simple, unrefined, local), lots of plants, and be sure to get your fill of healthy fats. Some example of healthy fats may be: coconut oil, avocados, salmon, to name a few. One more piece of advice which I am trying to practice daily...let go and let God. He is the giver of life and he opens and closes the womb. Here is a recent news article for you to enjoy...,0,42965.story

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Suffer from Allergies?

Spring is budding once again, and I anticipate the fresh buds of flowers, fresh grass and new leaves on the trees. An assumption I made recently was that everyone looks forward to spring. However, an allergy sufferer in my presence groaned and declared the long months of sneezing, wheezing, stuffy head, nose and sinuses he got to look forward to, as well as the daily dose of allergy meds he takes just to keep him going. There are options! You don't have to sniffle your way through spring! In addition to the many different allergy treatments Valeo has to offer; I have a variety of techniques to open those sinus cavities, drain the head of excess pressure and buildup of toxins, release the nose and throat resulting in an easy spring for you. If you find yourself struggling with allergies or the annoying symptoms that go with allergies, don't spend another spring inside with your tissue box; schedule an appointment today for relief! ~Leah

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Absolutely Essential For Your Health

When you think of the word essential, most of us think that without you would die.  When it comes to using the word essential in the nutritional world, it does mean that but there is more to it.  The word essential in nutrition also means your body can't make it or convert it from something else.  For example Vitamin C is an essential vitamin.  Without Vitamin C you get Scurvy.  However, vitamin C is not an essential vitamin for a tiger.  Without vitamin C a tiger will get scurvy as well but they can eat meat and convert it to Vitamin C. 

Omega 3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids for humans.  The only way you can get them is by eating them.  The best source is is cold water oily fish such as salmon, cod, herring, mackerel, anchovies and sardines.  Other sources of Omega 3 fatty acids are free range grass fed beef, eggs, dairy from grass fed beef, green lipped mussels, krill oil and some plant seeds such as flax oil.  The problem with the plant seeds is that the omga 3 fatty acid is mostly ALA instead of the more beneficial DHA and EPA that is in the others. 

The amount of omega 3 fatty acids a person needs each day is about 1000 mg or 1 gram.  This really is not much.  Most servings of the fish listed will give you about 250- 1000mg, Salmon being the highest.  The other non fish sources will give you about half that at best.  The problem arises that most people are not eating these foods on a daily basis or even weekly. 

Research shows that omega 3 fatty acids help with cardiovascular function, neurological function, and joint health.  These three areas of health are very common areas of disease for many Americans.  What we are finding out is that many people do not have a disease but are really malnurished. 

The best way to get your omega 3 fatty acids is to eat them but if that is not enough, which for most of us it is not, then the next best step is to take a supplement.  This goes for baby's, children, and for adults. 

Another problem can arise from this and that is what is the best fish oil out there.  There is a lot of different companies selling them.  They have many different sources, amounts, processing methods, and costs.  Which is the best?  I would recommend staying away from the cheaper versions.  They are cheaper for a reason, they are of poor quality.  Some of the best brands out there are Standard Process, Nordic Naturals, Nature's Bounty, Nature Made, Sears and Green Pasture's.  All of which will run you about $25-$35/month. 

In my opinion Green Pasture is the best for adults.  It is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids.  Because it uses cod as it's source, it is also high in vitamin A and D.  It also contains a butter oil which has great health benefits.  To learn more go to

For children and babies, you can purchase Green Pastures in a liquid form and can be mixed into a smoothy for them.  Another great option is DHA Jr. by Nordic Naturals.  They are a chewable fish oil with the essence of Strawberry added.  My kids love them.  To learn more go to

Putting the right fuel into our cars is essential.  The same is true for our bodies.  God designed our bodies and the food to support it.  Going without that food is not an option as you can see with so many Americans getting sick.  Many of our problems are do to malnutrition.  If you are not already taking an omega 3 fatty acid, start nourishing your body today!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Heart health with Acupuncture

Did you know that the word "heart" is mentioned over 700 times in the Bible? I didn't until recently. 700 times! Woah. Our hearts must be important if our Creator uses it over and over. The American Heart Association does its job well. We read about HDL (the good) and LDL (the bad) cholesterol, to take in proper nutrition, and to exercise, all good things, but what about our emotional health?

I believe sometimes we are missing the bigger picture.

I am not against surgery at all so don't get me wrong, but what if we could completely bypass the heart bypass surgeries by first dealing with the emotional root that is there in the first place?

In the Bible all emotions are experienced by the heart: Love/Hate, Joy/Sorrow, Peace/Bitterness, Courage/Fear etc. What if these are not properly released? What if a negative emotion takes root? I would love if I had these answers but these are all questions I am asking myself as I walk this journey, I just want to share what is on my heart.

Here is an amazing story about a man from Roseville who had to undergo a 5-way heart bypass surgery and is using acupuncture for his recovery.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The "Shocking" Truth About Heart Dis-ease

We’ve been led to believe that risk factors, genetics, toxins, diet, and germs are the cause of disease. While these factors can have a debilitating effect on the mind-body-spirit and result in lowered vitality, none of those factors can scientifically explain why specifically we get many diseases, including heart dis-ease. Have you ever asked yourself:

1. Why does one person develop cancer and another remain healthy?
2. Why do some people have chronic digestive issues while others get colds or heart problems?
3. And why do people get a particular illness at a specific time in their life?

Well, medical researchers from Europe over 30 years ago discovered that
there is a direct relationship between shocking events in a person's life and the development of dis-ease. According to Dr. Ryke Hamer, a German oncologist, there is a specific brain-organ-psyche relay that is activated when a person experiences an emotional event that was shocking, unexpected, isolating, and for which there was no strategy for them to resolve the conflict at that time. He termed that event as a Conflict-Shock. We have found that along with certain emotions, there can also be beliefs and lies that become trapped in the physical tissues of the body at the moment of a Conflict-Shock.

His research revealed that the specific Conflict-Shock associated with heart dis-eases are as follows:

1. An "attack against the heart" affects the pericardium together with a heart "attack." This can be triggered by a physical attack, a verbal attack, or an attack against our integrity.

2. The Myocardium or heart muscle relates to the "conflict of being completely overwhelmed."

3. The Coronary Arteries and Veins relates to a "territorial loss conflict," as in a fear of losing your territory or the actual loss of it. Territory could be perceived as your job, your home, or your spouse.

This list is not exhaustive and is provided to give examples of the kinds of emotionally shocking events that can lead to different heart related health challenges.

I believe that we at Valeo can provide scientifically researched answers by using an advanced mind-body diagnostic system that finds the underlying root trauma, emotions, beliefs, lies, and blockages to healing. Once found, we can help them to release those trapped emotions.

Look for an upcoming seminar about this fascinating subject sometime in April.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Heart Pain on Valentine's Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches do you find it difficult seeing all the blinding pink and red colors, cupids, and hearts with wings that you see around every corner? For some the constant reminder of love can be very painful? What about the people who have a broken, shattered or fragmented heart for one reason or another?
Heart pain is not just for those who have had heart attacks; heart pain goes deep to the core of our emotions as well. When someone we love has hurt us or we have lost someone we love, our bodies store that hurt. Did you know that “researchers have shown that hurt feelings from words affect the same area in the brain as a broken bone or physical injury?” (Leaf, C. The Gift In You, p. 191) When we continue to re-live negative experiences or stew on past pains, hurts or trouble in our lives, we are creating hormone and neurological pathways for the brain and body to continue living in this way.
The Bible says in I John 4:18, “No fear exists where His love is. Rather, perfect love gets rid of fear, because fear involves punishment. The person who lives in fear doesn't have perfect love.” “Science is showing us that there is a massive unlearning of negative toxic thoughts when we operate in love. The brain releases a chemical called oxytocin, which literally melts away negative toxic thought clusters so that you can re-wire circuits with positive emotions and behaviors. When we trust and bond and reach out to other people, it produces this chemical that replaces negative with positive. Perfect love casts out all fear on all levels of the body” (Leaf, C. The Gift In You, p. 196).
Often times we need help healing a broken heart by eliminating: toxic thought patterns, obsessive thoughts and behaviors, and trapped emotion.  This can be difficult because they are so deeply intertwined in the brain and body but not impossible.  Mathew 19:26 says that with man things can seem impossible but with God all things are possible.  If you are struggling with a heart problem this Valentine’s Day, make an appointment today.  We can help!
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Providing a Variety and Richness of Nutrients Not Sold in Stores

Most doctors would agree with the statement  "Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables for better health."

Why do doctors offer such advice? Because natural, whole fruits and vegetables (along with modest amounts of natural meats and fish) contain the key to healing, prevention and energy.


Not very.  Why?

We live in a time where most people are eating for taste, texture, smell, presentation and convenience. All are poor reasons to eat.  But the marketing companies are really good at promoting these reasons.
We should all be eating for one main reason only: Nutrient value of our food. Eat to Live not Live to Eat.
But how do I get the nutrients that I need.  First and foremost taking the advice of eating a variety of fruits and vegatables.  Unfortunately for most of us this is not enough due to depleted soils and modern farming techniques.  This is where taking whole food supplements is a great way to get these vital nutrients that we are not getting in our food.


Another reality check. Most people just won't get the foods they have to have to address their nutritional deficiencies.
If they go to the store, they aren't likely to buy and eat the variety they need.
AND, even if they are eating vegetables, the local grocery or health food store is unlikely to carry the specific types of foods that are in whole food supplements.
NutriPlex's (one of the supplement brands we carry) whole food ingredients are gathered from around the world for their nutrient value. They go above and beyond your average produce aisle in terms of nutritional impact.


Here are some ingredients from NutriPlex products you're not likely to find at the local supermarket:
  • Acerola cherry, from the Amazon rain forest, high in vitamin C (in Flavo-C)
  • Dandelion, often on your lawn but rarely at the grocer, high in potassium and minerals (in Caro-C, Green Nutrients + more)
  • Cereal grasses cut at the jointing stage when the green plant is most nutrient-dense
  • Liver, which is rarely served but used to be a household staple, high in iron, minerals and vitamins B and A (in GTF Complex + more)
  • Wild pansies which are very high in rutin, a critical bioflavonoid to support small blood vessels and produce collagen (in Flavo-C + others)
There are many other examples ~ ask your Valeo practitioner for recommendations.


What could be better than offering these foods in a pill or powder so they'll never end up in the back of their refrigerators.