Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stress ~ Need Enzymes?

Digestive enzymes must be present in the upper GI tract and organs for breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and sugars (cell food). The breakdown of essential nutrients is only half of the process. Once our foods are broken down we still have to deliver the nutrients to the cells of the body. Many biochemical reactions are needed for this to occur unhindered.

Stress is an enzyme destroyer! When your body registers stress, whether internal, external or both, your adrenals are told by the brain to produce the hormone, Cortisol, in attempts to balance out the recent influx of stress. Cortisol competes in the digestive tract for Hydrochloric Acid (Hcl). The more Cortisol, the less digestive enzymes to break down our food. Now picture a scenario of a high stress day, running late, eating something fast (muffin and latte/espresso) on the go, meeting after meeting, late picking up the kids, dinner has to be fast food so the kids can get dropped off at sports ~ and you have a recipe for digestive upset, breakdown, lack of nutrients, beginning of disease and/or symptoms. Sound familiar????

Knowing simple facts about the physiological process of digestion is half the battle. Understanding what foods have naturally occurring enzymes is extremely helpful and lessens supplement intake. Ingesting the proper foods and/or whole food enzyme supplements during times of stress is very wise. Our bodies struggle to keep up with the demands of our society and lifestyles ~ we must learn balance and compensation to avoid the traps of health crises we see today that have become so common and accepted as "normal".

There is a BETTER WAY ~ there is HOPE ~ there is HELP!!! Whether you currently have symptoms or not, you have stress!! Be proactive ~ the results and healing happen much faster, easier, more cost effective and truly halt the road to dysfunction, disease, etc.

The body has over 3,000 enzymes that we know of so let us help you determine which ones you may need ~ call Valeo today to schedule a consult to determine what enzyme(s) you may need. Take advantage of our special $25 off your initial appointment this month!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Prepare for a Healthy Winter!

Quality immune support is critical for children and adults alike. We have all your immune support needs at Valeo Health & Wellness Center customized to you. It is just not as effective to guess on the support you need or take things your body doesn't need, especially for children and pregnant women. Spend your money wisely...

Underlying immune challenges that are chronic over time can also contribute to hormone imbalance ~ let us help you to determine what immune support and/or endocrine support you may need this fall/winter.

It is also very possible to avoid the "I get sick every year about this time...." or "It's going around...I was bound to get it..." scenarios. We can help and would love to educate you along the way so every year you can be less susceptible to fall prey from a weak immune system!!!!

Here is to a happy and healthy winter season for all of us!

Valeo Health & Wellness Center