Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holidays, Sugar, Stress ~ Need Support?

The holidays, family and travel can put extra strains on our immune systems and emotional states of being. The nervous, hormone and digestive systems all work together as our bodies travel through the day to day stresses of life. If we were already in a weakened state on some level, the holidays, extra sugar intake, added stress can tip us "over the edge" physically. Be aware of how you are being impacted with these dynamics and if you are not sure ~ please give our office a call so we can help you determine your current health state ~ Valeo Health & Wellness Center @ 952-949-0676.

One can not effectively know how healthy one is by the way they "feel". So much body function is automatic and the body's constantly balancing systems. Symptoms don't show up until the body fails at this often "long drawn out time frame". Let us provide you with education and solutions so that you don't get caught with your guard down or more severe symptoms as a result of a long/short term issue that has not effectively been resolved by your body that you may not have been aware of. Don't delay ~ the holidays are for fellowship, laughter, joy, energy, worship and time to focus on life's important relationships.

Bless you this holiday season!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Two Hands Are Better Than One (Four Are Even Better)

Double Hands

One of the reasons many people head to renowned Mayo clinic is because of their TEAM approach. You have many doctors looking at your case and working together to help figure out what is wrong.

We think that approach is the right way to do it but we have taken it one step further. Not only do we sit down as a team and figure out what we can do to help you but sometimes we need to have more than one of us work on you at the same time.

If you have been in our office recently, you may have heard of or even experienced a visit called double hands. If you have not experienced it, you may be wondering what it is.

Ecclesiastes 4:9 states "Two people are better than one, because they can reap more benefit from their labor."

We have found this verse to be so true. At Valeo we have many practitioners who each have very unique gifts and skills. When we are meeting with a client one on one, if we find the person has an issue that could be helped by another practitioner, we typically would refer them to that other practitioner. By doing double hands, or having both practitioners work at the same time on a person, we can see much faster healing and usually for a much lower cost in the long run to the client.

Double hands then is having two, or even more, practitioners working on you at the same time to help you in a much more powerful way, with less time and less cost.

To learn more about Double Hands please feel free to ask one of our staff the next time you come in or call us at 952-949-0676.

Ascorbic Acid For Basal Cell Carcinoma

In the summer of 2009, I noticed a sore on my fore head. At first I thought it was a pimple. I would pick at it but it coming back. I soon noticed that it would start to bleed and it would not stop. In chiropractic school we took a dermatology course and I remember these symptoms being similar to basal cell carcinoma. I was not sure what to do about it.

I went back to my old text books and went online to refresh my memory. I did remember that this form of cancer is very slow growing and it is very uncommon that it would spread to other areas of the body. The reason for this is that the body forms a sort of callus around it and walls it off. This is good for not spreading but bad in that your body has a hard time getting at it to get rid of it.

As with all types of cancer you really should not just address the area with cancer but also look at your entire body as to why you would get cancer. With that being said I focused on making sure my immune system and nervous system were functioning at a high level. Both of these play a huge part in fighting off cancer. I could tell that as I did this my body started functioning better. I also addressed any
emotional stressors both past and present as they too can play a huge part in cancer. Unfortunately as I did this the basal cell area was growing, in fact it was fairly big and was not decreasing.

I consulted a friend of mine who is a dermatologist. I also talked with my wife's stepfather who is a medical doctor specializing in elderly care. Both of them told me I need to get it cut off. My friend even told me that there was no other way to get rid of it other then to cut it out. By this point I was ready to do this as it had gotten bigger and would not stop bleeding when irritated. I decided to do some more research and see what other people had tried other than cutting it off. I came across many people who said that they had used ascorbic acid. Unfortunately there were no protocols other than put it on and it will fall off. So off to Lakewinds to get some Ascorbic acid.

Ascorbic acid is one part of vitamin C. It looks very similar to sugar and is even somewhat sweet. It is what most vitamin companies use to create Vitamin C supplements. When I first put it on it burned pretty good. I was putting it on 3-4 times/day. It burned each time. Which to me was good because it felt like it was doing something. For the first few days the now hole in my forehead was getting bigger. I was not sure if this was good. Over the next few weeks I kept putting it on. Eventually it no longer burned but I still had a large hole in my forehead.

I really thought it hadn't worked and that I was going to need to get it cut off. At this point I stopped using the Vitamin C and did nothing. The crazy thing is that it started healing then. After that one of the other practitioners in the office gave me a print out from a medical doctor who is also a naturopath. It had more details on what to expect when using Ascorbic acid for Basal Cell Carcinoma. It also explained how long it would take and had a protocol. What I did not realize is that once the Ascorbic acid kills the cancer cells, you can stop putting it on and then let it heal. Which is finally what I did, not out of protocol but out of frustration.

I am grateful that it is finally healed. Unfortunately I do have a scar on my forehead from it. I feel that if I would have used the Ascorbic acid right away, I would not have a scar as it was so much smaller at the start. After going through this, I learned how to get rid of Basal Cell Carcinoma naturally but I had to go through so much to find this out. My hope is that this article can help others who are looking for options in dealing with Basal Cell Carcinoma. I am not telling you that the taking the natural path is the "right" path but it is the path God lead me down and He honored it by healing me.

Dr. Aaron Morland

Friday, November 5, 2010

NEW study...Evidence weighs heavily toward Acupuncture for weightloss

I knew this would get some attention, this article sure caught my eye. Dr. Lamadrid did mention the importance of proper nutrition/fuel for our bodies, and exercise, I would like to emphasize the importance of those two things. Proper nutrition and at least some movement everyday, especially weight-bearing exercise as we age, for bone health, is so important.

I do appreciate this study to provide hope for those suffering with weight issues. I am so thankful we at Valeo can offer people hope through acupuncture, naturopathy, chiropractic, massage, craniosacral...I really believe that the best is yet to come!  

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mariah Carey: Singer’s husband reveals acupuncture helped with pregnancy - National Pop Media |

Mariah Carey: Singer’s husband reveals acupuncture helped with pregnancy - National Pop Media |

Another encouraging story how acupuncture helps with fertility. Although not much was stated in this article other than Mariah's one-a-day treatments, acupuncture balances the body from the inside out. One of the many reasons for infertility is high stress level and in our society today of the NOW mentality there is much frustration with innability to conceive. When our body is given the opportunity to rest, relax, and we fuel it properly it only has one option: BABY!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Change of Attitude about Life!

I am so excited to share that I have a new attitude about life and my marriage. My motivation has returned and I surprised my husband with a homemade 3-D birthday cake ~ he loved it!

My anxiety is gone and the appointment was only 30 minutes long ~ AMAZING!!!

Valeo ~ my health and wellness center.

Heart Racing Gone!

Since my last appointment with Dr. Rob and Christine (naturopathic doctor), I have had no more heart racing or tightness in my chest. I never would have thought these symptoms could have been caused by emotions trapped in my body. WOW!

I love the fact that I don't have to worry about this issue in my health any longer ~ Thank you, Valeo!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Can An Emotional Shock Cause Your Health Challenge?

Here at Valeo Health and Wellness Center, we have been studying the mind-body connection as it relates to decreased health and increased disease. There are numerous studies in the research world that show a relationship between traumatic events and the onset of cancer and other diseases. The following article briefly describes the paradigm known as German New Medicine, a scientific explanation for one of the causes of disease.

According to the Oncologist, Dr. Ryke Hamer, M.D., disease can be caused by an emotional experience that is shocking, isolating, and completely unexpected. Due to a personal experience with cancer he began investigating the histories of thousands of his cancer patients and he found that, without exception, they had all gone through extremely stressful emotional traumas before developing cancer. He began studying the brain scans of his cancer patients while comparing them to their health histories and medical records. He discovered that every patient had suffered a "conflict shock," which was an emotional event that caught them off-guard.

In addition, through the study of fetal development known as Embryology, he determined that every disease is controlled by a specific area of the brain which also correlates with the organ/system that developed at the same time. For example, the thyroid gland develops from the endoderm, which is the germ layer that develops at the same time as the brain stem during the first period of the embryonic stage. So, according to Dr. Hamer, at the moment of an emotionally distressing situation that was not anticipated and for which a person was not prepared, three levels within the body are affected; the level of the psyche, the brain level, and the organ level.

At Valeo we have long known that undernourishment, poisoning, and injuries are common causes of organ dysfunction, but through using the theory of German New Medicine along with other techniques and the power of God through prayer we have been helping our patients get to the underlying root cause of their health challenge. It is only by getting to the root and "pulling it out" that a patient is able to get full resolution of that health challenge.

If you are interested in learning more about the unique breakthrough's in health and wellness that we are utilizing here at Valeo, please give us a call. If you have "tried everything else" and have had limited success, don't give up! We are here to help!