Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cat Allergy Clears with BAX 3000 Treatments!

There is a new technology on the scene that can reduce or eliminate allergic reactions to both harmless and harmful environmental substances such as foods, animals, and chemical stressors. The BAX 3000 is a Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy where brief cold laser treatments are used to reset the body's negative responses to these stressors.

Kerri is a 50 year old woman who has experienced severe cat allergies since childhood. In October of 2009, Kerri started BAX 3000 treatments in hopes of clearing this allergy for good. Treated specifically for CAT and generally for substances related to cats, Kerri experienced remarkable success! Only days after treatment, Kerri picked up, petted, and held a cat without the usual physical reactions. Previously, Kerri told us that she used to carry Benedryl to prepare for the inevitable constriction in her throat, hoarseness, sore throat, itchy and watering eyes, and sneezing that resulted from exposure to any cats. Kerri's most recent treatment cleared her completely of these negative responses!

"People who know I had cat allergies would vacuum everything in their home twice to try and help me not to "flare up" -- it didn't help and it was embarrassing to have to leave because of my cat allergy. My friends and family felt terrible and so did I. Finally after 40+ years I'm free from that!"

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