Monday, September 27, 2010

The Solution to Overpriced, Ineffective Healthcare: Chiropractic!

A few weeks ago a lady was referred to our office because she was experiencing numbness in her hands, especially the left one. She had seen her MD and he said that he would need to do special tests which included needle EMG. This lady had a high deductible plan so she asked what it would cost. He told her that it would be around $1000 for the tests. She decided to shop around and look for other options. She ended up at our office.

I told her that I would do an evaluation and see if I could help her. I found that she had subluxations in her neck and upper mid-back and found significant trigger points in her shoulders and between the shoulder blades. We started care, adjusting her spine, releasing the trigger points, and showed her exercises to prevent future problems. Within 3 visits her symptoms were 90% better. After the 4th visit her problems were almost completely gone. All at a cost of under $200. She is very grateful for the relief and for the savings. She could have paid $1000 for tests that she really did not need and she would still need to pay for care. Instead she paid less than $200 and she got relief.

Currently the debate in this country is who should administrate health care the government or private sector. But in my opinion that is not the real issue in health care. The real issue is we have too many sick people and we deliver overpriced, ineffective health care. Until this changes no matter who is paying for it, the government or the private sector, we will bankrupt this nation. A real change needs to happen. If you want to be part of that change, if you want to be part of something that is a part of the solution, call us today (952-949-0676).

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