Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Suffer from Allergies?

Spring is budding once again, and I anticipate the fresh buds of flowers, fresh grass and new leaves on the trees. An assumption I made recently was that everyone looks forward to spring. However, an allergy sufferer in my presence groaned and declared the long months of sneezing, wheezing, stuffy head, nose and sinuses he got to look forward to, as well as the daily dose of allergy meds he takes just to keep him going. There are options! You don't have to sniffle your way through spring! In addition to the many different allergy treatments Valeo has to offer; I have a variety of techniques to open those sinus cavities, drain the head of excess pressure and buildup of toxins, release the nose and throat resulting in an easy spring for you. If you find yourself struggling with allergies or the annoying symptoms that go with allergies, don't spend another spring inside with your tissue box; schedule an appointment today for relief! ~Leah

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