Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The "Shocking" Truth About Heart Dis-ease

We’ve been led to believe that risk factors, genetics, toxins, diet, and germs are the cause of disease. While these factors can have a debilitating effect on the mind-body-spirit and result in lowered vitality, none of those factors can scientifically explain why specifically we get many diseases, including heart dis-ease. Have you ever asked yourself:

1. Why does one person develop cancer and another remain healthy?
2. Why do some people have chronic digestive issues while others get colds or heart problems?
3. And why do people get a particular illness at a specific time in their life?

Well, medical researchers from Europe over 30 years ago discovered that
there is a direct relationship between shocking events in a person's life and the development of dis-ease. According to Dr. Ryke Hamer, a German oncologist, there is a specific brain-organ-psyche relay that is activated when a person experiences an emotional event that was shocking, unexpected, isolating, and for which there was no strategy for them to resolve the conflict at that time. He termed that event as a Conflict-Shock. We have found that along with certain emotions, there can also be beliefs and lies that become trapped in the physical tissues of the body at the moment of a Conflict-Shock.

His research revealed that the specific Conflict-Shock associated with heart dis-eases are as follows:

1. An "attack against the heart" affects the pericardium together with a heart "attack." This can be triggered by a physical attack, a verbal attack, or an attack against our integrity.

2. The Myocardium or heart muscle relates to the "conflict of being completely overwhelmed."

3. The Coronary Arteries and Veins relates to a "territorial loss conflict," as in a fear of losing your territory or the actual loss of it. Territory could be perceived as your job, your home, or your spouse.

This list is not exhaustive and is provided to give examples of the kinds of emotionally shocking events that can lead to different heart related health challenges.

I believe that we at Valeo can provide scientifically researched answers by using an advanced mind-body diagnostic system that finds the underlying root trauma, emotions, beliefs, lies, and blockages to healing. Once found, we can help them to release those trapped emotions.

Look for an upcoming seminar about this fascinating subject sometime in April.

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