Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meet Becca Griffith

Valeo Health and Wellness would like to welcome Becca Griffith to our team. Becca specializes in Nutritional Coaching, ElectroDermal Screening, and Nutritional Response Testing.
"There are two tremendous interests that have never changed in my life: God and health. Both are woven into everything I do and think about. Growing up, I dealt with eczema and a few food allergies. I assumed they were my lot in life since they were seemingly inherited. I tried to keep the rashes at bay with special creams and pills. Unfortunately, by the end of my undergrad years, a new set of symptoms showed up. If anyone told me what I was in for, I may have opted out! Doctors shrugged their shoulders and referred me to the next specialist. Frustrated and desperate, I soon realized that God was already guiding the way to answers.
A couple of friends referred me to a naturopath and an electrodermal screener. Over time, my body was brought back into balance! From being stuck in a situation of reacting to ALL foods, all the way to the freedom of consuming anything (without medication!), I started to understand a whole new level of how our bodies were designed and that healing can also take place nutritionally.
I am working on my doctorate in Naturopathy through Clayton College of Natural Health and heavily involved in real food education. I specialize in Nutritional Coaching, ElectroDermal Screening, and Nutritional Response Testing. I have a passion to introduce people to food that not only tastes amazing, but brings life back into the body. I’ve seen it happen countless times and I want to see it happen to you!
Please don’t let another day go by thinking that you have to be trapped in a situation you feel stuck in. We will take care of you here at Valeo and guide you into true freedom!"
Becca Griffith

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