Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunburn No More!!!!

Enjoy the sun this summer by protecting your skin and that of your children with applying organic coconut oil prior to going outside ~ a great alternative to chemically toxic sunscreens. God created the body to use the rays of the sun for many chemical reactions in the body, not the least of which includes Vitamin D production.

If sunburn does occur, apply organic lavender essential oil topically right on the burn and then apply Boo Boo gel over the oil. Both absorb quickly into the skin and support the natural healing process. I was amazed at the shortened healing time using these natural ingredients on my skin and my son. We are so thankful for the "win-win" combination of enjoying the sun, protecting our skin and supporting the natural healing process without toxic creams, etc. and fear of the sun :)

Happy Summer!

(Both products mentioned can be purchased at Valeo Health & Wellness Center)

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