Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Natural energy and immune system boost...look no further than ACUPUNCTURE!

I and everyone at Valeo try our best to do the "natural" thing. Eat, drink, and supplement the way God intended its natural form. So when it comes to about this time of year when energy is waning, my skin is screaming for natural Vitamin D aka Sunlight, and everywhere I look people are fighting off cold/flu...I love acupuncture even more.

Acupuncture is great for increasing energy and boosting the immune system. One study of Acupuncture and Immune System Function show the natural killer cells activity increased significantly at rest of individuals who received acupuncture in a five week study. Those natural killer cells are the ones in charge of eating cancer cells and any other virus that tries to attack the body.
As far as energy is concerned acupuncture helps the brain release a balance of chemicals, hormones, and endorphins it needs to thrive instead of just survive.

So...who wants to thrive?

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