Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Child Eczema Helped Using The Bax-3000

Check out this video testimonial of a child with severe eczema and how they were helped using the BAX 3000. Click on the link to view.

Dr. Aaron's comments
1) Eczema is classified as an atopic disorder. Allergies are also classified under atopic disorders.
2) The body's immune system is overactive or attacks things not are not harmful in atopic disorders.
3) The immune system is controlled by the nerve system
4) Addressing the immune system is addressing the symptoms only
5) Teaching the nerve system to no longer tell the immune system to react to substances that are not harmful will fix the problem not just the symptoms
6) The BAX 3000 balances the nerve system to no longer respond to non harmful substances in a negative way but teaches it to respond in a positive way
7) This Saturday from 10-2 we will be having an open house for people to learn more about the BAX 3000

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