Monday, October 26, 2009

Flies Don't Cause Garbage

The germ theory states that germs are the reason that we get sick. In the mid 1800's, Louis Pasteur developed what we now call the germ theory. Until the germ theory came about many scientists believed in "spontaneous generation." That germs and illness developed out of nowhere. The work of Louis Pasteur played a large part in helping reduce sickness around the world especially the work he did with rabies and pasteurization. What he could not explain however, is that some people who had never been exposed to an illness before would not get sick when exposed to that illness. Today, the germ theory is how most of modern medicine approaches health and transmittable diseases but is it right? Do germs cause us to get sick and if they did wouldn't we all be sick? To answer this question, I will ask you one first. Do flies cause garbage?

If you have ever set your garbage out on a hot day, you will quickly start to sees flies accumulate. Most people would not walk by and think "Wow, those flies sure do create a lot of garbage." You know better. The flies are there because of the garbage not the other way around. No garbage=no flies.

Do germs cause us to get sick? Let me ask you another question. What is the purpose of germs? Why would God create germs? Just to get us sick? God created bacteria to decompose sick and dying tissue. In fact bacteria will only go after that type of tissue. Knowing this, we can now have hope. No sick and dying tissue=no bacteria.

The germ theory really just leaves it to luck whether you get sick or not. If you are one of the lucky ones who avoided exposure, then you won't get sick. Now don't get me wrong if you can avoid exposure you have more chance of not getting sick but how difficult is it to avoid exposure. The key then to staying healthy is not just avoidance but a much greater tool that God blessed you with is an immune system. Pasteur and Bernard, a scientist who helped develop pasteurization, debated for many years on the germ theory. Bernard's thoughts were that the host needed to be susceptible not just have a germ present. Toward the end of Pasteur's life, he agreed. That means that a person can be active in making sure they don't get sick and not just through avoidance but by doing everything possible to stay healthy.

In our office we are always talking about ways to keep your body healthy. In the days, weeks, and years to come, this blog will be filled with ways to keep your body healthy. We are healthy by choice and not by luck. God calls us to be more than conquerors. Joel 3:10 says that "I call this body strong and not weak." Speak God's truth and follow his commands and you will be more than a conqueror!

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