Monday, November 1, 2010

Can An Emotional Shock Cause Your Health Challenge?

Here at Valeo Health and Wellness Center, we have been studying the mind-body connection as it relates to decreased health and increased disease. There are numerous studies in the research world that show a relationship between traumatic events and the onset of cancer and other diseases. The following article briefly describes the paradigm known as German New Medicine, a scientific explanation for one of the causes of disease.

According to the Oncologist, Dr. Ryke Hamer, M.D., disease can be caused by an emotional experience that is shocking, isolating, and completely unexpected. Due to a personal experience with cancer he began investigating the histories of thousands of his cancer patients and he found that, without exception, they had all gone through extremely stressful emotional traumas before developing cancer. He began studying the brain scans of his cancer patients while comparing them to their health histories and medical records. He discovered that every patient had suffered a "conflict shock," which was an emotional event that caught them off-guard.

In addition, through the study of fetal development known as Embryology, he determined that every disease is controlled by a specific area of the brain which also correlates with the organ/system that developed at the same time. For example, the thyroid gland develops from the endoderm, which is the germ layer that develops at the same time as the brain stem during the first period of the embryonic stage. So, according to Dr. Hamer, at the moment of an emotionally distressing situation that was not anticipated and for which a person was not prepared, three levels within the body are affected; the level of the psyche, the brain level, and the organ level.

At Valeo we have long known that undernourishment, poisoning, and injuries are common causes of organ dysfunction, but through using the theory of German New Medicine along with other techniques and the power of God through prayer we have been helping our patients get to the underlying root cause of their health challenge. It is only by getting to the root and "pulling it out" that a patient is able to get full resolution of that health challenge.

If you are interested in learning more about the unique breakthrough's in health and wellness that we are utilizing here at Valeo, please give us a call. If you have "tried everything else" and have had limited success, don't give up! We are here to help!

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