Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holidays, Sugar, Stress ~ Need Support?

The holidays, family and travel can put extra strains on our immune systems and emotional states of being. The nervous, hormone and digestive systems all work together as our bodies travel through the day to day stresses of life. If we were already in a weakened state on some level, the holidays, extra sugar intake, added stress can tip us "over the edge" physically. Be aware of how you are being impacted with these dynamics and if you are not sure ~ please give our office a call so we can help you determine your current health state ~ Valeo Health & Wellness Center @ 952-949-0676.

One can not effectively know how healthy one is by the way they "feel". So much body function is automatic and the body's constantly balancing systems. Symptoms don't show up until the body fails at this often "long drawn out time frame". Let us provide you with education and solutions so that you don't get caught with your guard down or more severe symptoms as a result of a long/short term issue that has not effectively been resolved by your body that you may not have been aware of. Don't delay ~ the holidays are for fellowship, laughter, joy, energy, worship and time to focus on life's important relationships.

Bless you this holiday season!!!

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