Wednesday, May 19, 2010

KST - Cut Injury Recovery in Half!!!!

KST is a chiropractic technique used at Valeo by Dr. Rob, and what an incredible blessing it has been! I have had numerous back injuries over the years from car accidents, weak core, falling on my tail bone and most recently falling down stairs. (A little too accident prone if you ask me :))

I have been overjoyed at the recovery time I have had from 2-3 weeks normally with this kind of injury where my hip shifted and couldn't stand straight to 1 1/2 days and walking from 3-6 miles each day!!!! I am so excited to share my experience and want all to know that you don't need to suffer for weeks ~ come in to see Dr. Rob and our staff to cut your recovery times in less than half!!!

Be Blessed,

Christine Stueve, ND

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