Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wheat and Sugar Intolerance Helped With BAX 3000

I found success with the BAX 3000 treatments at Valeo Wellness Center for wheat & sugar intolerance. I had years and years of problems with my digestive system when I started seeing Dr. Craig and now Becca for Nutritional Response testing. I always thought it was just a nervous stomach. It was to a point that soon after I ate anything, I would experience sharp little shooting pains in my intestines, pain in my left side, and upset stomach. The NRT showed I had intolerance to wheat and sugar. I cut both out of my diet, and after a few weeks, found that it helped my comfort level dramatically. But it was also extremely hard to eat anywhere other than at home. Traveling was very hard as eating at a restaurant was almost impossible. There is either wheat or sugar in just about everything a restaurant serves!! I tested myself several time by eating something with wheat or sugar in it and found it took 1-2 days to start showing signs- the usual stomach upset and pains in the intestines, etc and then it took another 5-6 days of abstinence from wheat and sugar to start to feel good again. It just wasn’t worth it! Then I heard talk of the BAX 3000 coming to Valeo, did some research and started working with Dr. Rob to have those treatments. The week before I was to go on vacation, Dr. Rob treated me for sugar and then wheat. Dr. Rob told me to go on vacation and to make a point of eating wheat and sugar. I was hesitant as I did not want to ruin my vacation. But, stepping out in faith, I had pizza, buns on my hamburgers, birthday cake…I was waiting for the usual pains and upset stomach to appear, but nothing happened!! I felt just fine the whole vacation. Since then, I am still careful not to eat too much wheat or sugar as I believe these are just not healthy for our bodies, but now I don’t worry about going to a restaurant, or eating at someone else house, etc. The BAX 3000 treatments have made my life so much more enjoyable!


Terry S.

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