Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Manuka Honey Healed my Staph Infection

I had a three year battle with Staph Aureus in my ears – I wanted to rip my ears off! It started at the end of the summer of 2006 – itching in my left ear and a couple months later, both ears were itching. Soon, I couldn’t sleep through the night as the itching woke me up. After nearly a year of trying over the counter medications, I went to the doctor. She tried several antibiotic creams & drops, then when that did not work, anti fungal drops- and when that didn’t work, she referred me to an ear, nose & throat doctor. He cultured my ears and found Staph Aureus present in both ears. He started me on my next round of antibiotic drops for the ears- it would slow down the itching for a few days, and then the itching would be back full blown! So then we started the oral antibiotics- nothing seemed to be working. The last antibiotic I was on I became allergic to and ended up in the hospital, the doctors thinking I was having heart problems – and then the hives started. I was put on high blood pressure medicine for “Chronic High blood pressure” – I had never had a problem with high blood pressure and anti-anxiety medication (and believe me at this point, I was pretty anxious)!. I went back to my regular doctor after being released from the hospital. She agreed with me that I had never had high blood pressure and took me off the high blood pressure medications, and left it up to me to continue on the anti anxiety medication (I stopped), but said to start back on the antibiotic. Big mistake as within 30 minutes, I started itching – full blown hives again! After I recovered from the hives, I spoke to the ENT doctor to ask where we go from here and he flippantly said “Oh, “it’s chronic”- that’s it! No more suggestions! I’m thinking, chronic as in “you are just always going to have itchy ears”, or chronic as in “you’re going to die from this”. During this time, I started having other skin issues, too – I had eczema on my face (I had never had any problems with eczema before). After my conversation with the ENT, I came back to see Christine at Valeo Wellness Center – and we started with building my immune system with liquid herbs, and I worked with Dr. Craig with nutritional muscle testing-learning what whole food supplements my body needed in order to heal; and Leah recommended some essential oils. After a period of time, I started to feel some relief in the itching, but I still wasn’t cured. Dr. Craig started doing some research and came upon some research on manuka honey – a medicinal honey that is from the tea tree in New Zealand. I immediately called the company and spoke with the CEO- a very knowledgeable man about the properties of manuka honey. He admitted he’d never heard of anyone having staph aureus in their ears, but he told me all about how medicinal honey was used before antibiotics to heal war wounded vets. He suggested I put the straight manuka honey right in my ears and then do a nasal rinse mixing the honey with warm water (as he said, the ears and the nasal passages are connected). I started a regiment of rinsing my nose and putting the honey in my ears every morning and evening, and I started using another product this company (Honeymark products) had called Anti-itch cream on my eczema spots. Within 3 days, the eczema spots were gone! And I have not had them again. Within two weeks, I had NO itching in my ears. At that point, I went back to my doctor and asked her to culture my ears again – NO STAPH AUREUS PRESENT!!! Wow, my husband and I were ecstatic and on our knees, praising God for such a healing! It’s been almost a year and I still have no signs of anything related to the Staph infection!
I do have to say, that I presently feel better than I have ever felt in my life – not due just to the healing of the Staph in my ears, but with all the other healing in my body due to the nutritional response testing – through this we found that I had an intolerance to wheat and sugar and since ceasing to eat these foods, the stomach problems I had have gone away. It’s been a long walk and I sometimes did not fully understand how all these muscle test, priority tests, cranial sacral etc worked, I felt God leading me to stick with it and have found such healing not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. I know sometimes it seems like it costs too much, requires too much time, etc but in the end your health is so worth it!
Thanking God for putting such awesome healers in our midst, and respectfully yours,
Terry S.
Feb. 2010


  1. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I need this ASAP. I've had the same problem as you for 3 years. Was there are specific strength manuka that you used? (12+, 16+ or 20+). I'm waiting on my order and in what seems like forever.

  3. I had a horrible staph infection inside my nose that persisted for months of agony until I discovered Manuka Honey. Antibiotics hadn't helped and my doctor was useless, but after swabbing my nasal passages with the honey for a week the oozing scabs and infection was totally gone. It is a miracle cure, no question.

  4. I also used Manuka honey to treat a very persistent staph infection on both knees from grappling/ju-jitsu. Antibiotics didn't work. I used Haddrells of Cambridge Manuka Honey UMF 16+ on the staph spots and also Honeymark 1st aid antiseptic lotion w/ manuka honey on the area. I also used defense soap to prevent spreading. It takes a few weeks but it did work.

  5. Using it right now in combination with clorox baths. i tok a round of antibiotics and it only reduced. the cloroz bths )5x a day) is keeping it down but it isnt healing. so 4 weeks in i decide to use maruka after bleach baths on my thigh and within 24 hours i notice a difference. i am at the mercy of all of these bloggers.
    i bought the strongest one possible. now i can't cit to start bleaching my scars with hydroquinone.
    i will be taking clorox baths 2 times a week and slave over dial soap for the rest of my life and keep maruka around for any possible breakouts.
    Yes i was also diagnosed with MRSA staph. ruined my summer so far. caught it off a yoga mat through a broken (almost healed) poison ivy lesion.

  6. Hi, manuka honey cured my life long eczema and alleviated my life long allergies. I have suffered with terrible eczema all of my life, the worst of it being all over my face and neck. I decided to try eating manuka honey when I was about 27 and within about a month noticed the difference it was making. After about 3 months my eczema had completely cleared up. I thought that this might have been a co-incidence, perhaps something to do with my age, they say that eczema can disappear with age. Slowly over a period of about a year my eczema got worse and worse until I finally decided to get back on the manuka honey. I tried a different brand this time that didn't seem to be so effective and the only honey that seems to work for me is the strongest kind, UMG 20+. It is expensive but I am 100% that it is was has an effect on my eczema. I have been taking it again for 2 months now and my eczema is cured again. I would recommend anyone with allergies to at least try taking manuka money for 2-3 months and see if it makes a difference, it was life changing for me.

  7. Wow, started on my arm, after 3 rounds of anitb. and steroid cream. I went to honey and finally cleared it up. showed up again 2 weeks later in my ears, took 2 years cleared it up with reg. honey. now in my belly button reg. honey keeping it at bay but not curing. I read this jumped up and went right down and got manuka honey and some cider vinegar will do inside and out side treatment with this as well as oral fresh garlic. Thank you all for sharing!

  8. Do not put any honey in your ears... i had a lavae grow inside my ears and it caused a lot of problems in my ears... i had a hemi facial spam and a lot of headache pains...dont do it.

  9. Question: How did you do the nasal rinse? How much Manuka Honey did you use in comparison to the warm water?

    1. Purchase a neti pot from the chemist or Auyvedic practicioner. Fill it with warm water and pinch of salt and put your head over the sink. Head angled to one side, place the spout of the neti pot in the highest nostril - adjust the angle of the head as the water should come out of the other nostril and not the mouth. Blow nose really well to get excess water out afterwards. Dropping the heads between the legs works best I've found. Blow into a tissue until no water comes out of nose. If not done properly water can reamin in the sinsus cavity and give flu like symptoms even though it is not the flu as such. Takes abit of pratice, works well. Been doing it for 25yrs daily.I read to use 1 Teaspoon of honey to a cup of warm water.