Monday, May 3, 2010

Real Fats = Beautiful Skin and Hair!

How many of you look to bottled concoctions to attain beautiful skin and hair…and are still looking?

With all of the amazing advancements in technology, one would think we should have the answer captured in that bottle by now. While you certainly have the option of pouring your money into an endless amount of cream, goop, salve, specialized shampoos, and more to be slathered on the surface of your body, what about considering what you are eating?

Beautiful skin and hair is found no further than the actual nutrients you are consuming! If you are eating a fast food, over-processed, and/or convenience food lifestyle and expect to maintain the look of your prior youth, I ask you to reconsider RIGHT NOW!

For the sake of celebrating Mother’s Day this month, I’m only going to address attaining beautiful skin and hair by consuming the right kind of fats. By the way, I might as well state right now that these fats won’t make you fat since you’re probably thinking it!

Many women that I talk to who complain about dry and thinning hair or brittle nails, are usually found to be eating a low-fat diet. For the ones who are consuming plenty of fat in their diet and still not experiencing the hair and nails that they want, I find that they are consuming the wrong kinds of fats.

The fats I’m about to list have ready-to-be-absorbed nutrients already in them. The qualities of the fats you consume determine the quality of your hair and nails (and everything else in your body):
Butter – we’re talking pasture-based butter coming from cows that eat grass (learn more by watching Food, Inc.)
Tallow or lard – Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? If the animal was given the diet they were designed to have out in the pasture they were designed to be in, they’re fat is nutritious.
Coconut oil – besides having many healing properties, this oil handles heat fairly well. Try melting this with some butter and pouring on your popcorn!
Extra virgin olive oil РMake sure to get this oil first cold pressed and organic. This oil is not recommended to be cooked with because it oxidizes fast when heated. Better to saut̩ foods with butter, but if you must use the olive oil for this purpose, blend with butter. Olive oil makes a great base for salad dressings.

Pull out those hydrogenated and trans-fats. They’re fake and taking away from the natural beauty your hair and nails were meant to have!

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