Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Got Allergies?

For those of you dealing with seasonal allergies, you are more than painfully aware of the pollens in the air with this “early” Spring. Many automatically grab their over-the-counter pills to help ward off the seasonal symptoms.

How would you respond if you found out that there is an all natural food-based supplement that can help address the root issue of allergies so you don’t have to follow an annual over-the-counter routine?

The natural supplement I’m writing about is called Allerplex and also happens to be Valeo’s product-of-the-month.

Allerplex builds up your immune system and goes to work in your sinuses and lungs. Since exposure to all types of trees, grasses, and pollen can mean a long season of torture for many, why not try a product that will provide your body with real nutrients to build you up rather than masking the symptoms?

Allerplex comes in 40 capsule or 150 capsule bottles.

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  1. What's in it? Have they published any data on safety/effectiveness?