Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Healthy Coffee Replacement?

Coffee dependency in our country is an understatement. How is it that something woven into our culture and daily routine could be so detrimental to our health? Many of us turn our eyes from the reports on what coffee can do to our bodies simply because changing seems scary. Thankfully, there is a beverage that exists that not only tastes like coffee, but also offers true nourishment to your body. Even better news is that you can wean yourself off of coffee with this beverage because it actually supports your liver and adrenals. This means that the classic withdrawal “caffeine headache” is dramatically reduced, if not completely avoided. Dandy Blend is made from the water-soluble extracts of dandelion, chicory, sugar beet, barley and rye. Whether you’re using hot or cold water, Dandy Blend will instantly mix into your water. There are no additives or preservatives to this nourishing beverage. You can buy it in the canister for home or in packets to take along with you for your workday, errands, airplanes and any other excursion! Be sure to stay tuned for an upcoming Dandy Blend Latte recipe.

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