Monday, April 26, 2010

Why do I need to take supplements?

Q: Why do I need to take whole food supplements? Can't I just eat the right foods to get the needed nutrients for healing?

A: The problem is that it is virtually impossible to consume and assimilate in one day an adequate amount of the proper foods to both take care of the body's nutritional needs for today and have enough left over to pay back nutritional debts, thus allowing for healing. This is because the body's number one priority with any nutrition coming in each day is to use it to take care of today's needs. Paying back debts and healing is done with any nutrition that may be left over at the end of the day.

Most people, especially as they begin to change to better eating, will suffer from an assimilation problem ~ due to past dietary sins; thus even if they do eat well, and most aren't perfect, there is not 100% assimilation of the food. [Note: One of the benefits and goals of consuming whole food supplements is to improve the assimilation factor, but it takes time.]

The quality of the fresh fruits and vegetables, even the organically grown, is sadly lacking in nutritional content due to the depletion of the soil's health. This is a fact, not opinion.

It has been our experience that those who do not take the supplements do initially feel better simply for improving their dietary intake, but their level of improvement begins to quickly plateau. This compared to those who take the supplements, providing they are changing their lifestyle at the same time, will have a steady improvement back to health, eventually being able to reduce dramatically or discontinue the supplements recommended.

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