Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Thoughts Affect our Health

Underneath every problem or issue is a set of beliefs. The beliefs can include many elements such as:

  • How you think of yourself
  • How you perceive your place in the world
  • How you believe you must react to external events
  • How you are expected to react to external events
  • What you can expect from other people, from life or from the world
  • The way the world works
  • How the world reacts to you

Beliefs can be complex. For example, the belief “I am not capable can be combined with “If I try to do something, I am bound to fail, or “No matter what I do, people think I am stupid.” So beliefs can contain expected actions and reactions. The underlying belief system in each problem essentially says to your brain, “You will validate this belief by creating certain experiences for me.” Whenever a triggering situation occurs, either internally or externally, your faithful servant immediately recreates the problem, i.e. the uncomfortable feelings of personal limitation. (BSFF)

Each spinal nerve has a receptor located in the skin and nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments, organs and other tissues are connected to that spinal nerve. They develop together in embryo and grow from the spinal cord to the tissues. IN other words, signals from all these areas pass through neurons on their way back to the spinal cord and into the brain for processing.

(Enzymes, Loomis p. 43)

There is scientific documents proving that 87% of all diseases is a result of toxic thoughts. What we think effects us mentally, emotionally and physically – our entire system is effected by the thoughts we think.

Thoughts create Emotions create Attitudes create Behavior

When we experience & learn from any of the 5 senses the brain fires Electrical Impulses and we grow Dendrites (branches) on the axons. Everything we experience from the womb is stored in the brain and these memories are anchored and bolted in the brain. Once an experience has been felt, the hypothalamus responds chemically to whatever you experience electro magnetically, chemically and electrically. All chemicals carry feeling and they move into the cells.

These are key elements to be addressed in everyone's health to enable the body to balance and heal. Talk to a practitioner at Valeo as questions come to mind!

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