Monday, April 19, 2010

Wrist and shoulder pain

Wrist pain can cause horrible shoulder pain. Your body will try to compensate for the pain by putting more pressure on the shoulders drawing them forward and then causing further pain in your mid/upper back. Try this:
Take your hands off your keyboard! Sit back in your chair, get nice and tall in your spine. Chin slightly lifted. Lift your wrists to shoulder level, rolling your wrists in one direction for about 10 seconds and then other.
Let your hands fall down to your sides and lift your shoulders toward your ears...roll them back and down. Repeat this 3-5x then on your last time, keep them back and down.
Lastly, while still keeping your hands by your side, your shoulders back and down:
Roll your left ear to your left shoulder...then down toward your chin working your oppostie ear to the other shoulder...then let your head roll back and bring it back up. Repeat that roll in one direction 3-5x. Then repeat the other direction 3-5x.
Do this routine multiple times per day. While on the computer, at a stop light (not while driving!), cooking, or anytime you need a little pick me up! Enjoy

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