Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome To Allergy Season!

“Your child has allergies.” A statement that no parent wants to hear but more and more parents are being told this. Allergies have become rampant in the United States. According to the Annual U.S. Prevalence Statistics for Chronic Diseases one in every four Americans suffers from Asthma and allergies. That is around 75 million Americans.
There are many theories and explanations to the increase of asthma and allergies; from Hygeine theory to vaccinations to the increased chemicals we are exposed to. Unfortunately, none of the theories have been able to explain all the causes. What this tells us is there is probably a bit of truth to all these theories.
Of course the best way to take care of it is through prevention but what do you do for someone who already suffers from these problems. Currently we approach allergies in one of three ways.

The first way is to find out what the person is allergic or sensitive to and then avoid it. The way we typically test for this is either a scratch test on the skin or a blood test to see if the person has formed antibodies to a substance. If you have ever gone through some of this testing, you know that it is not very fun and many substances a person may be allergic to may not show to be positive.

The second way we deal with it is to treat the symptoms, typically with medicine. This comes with a cost financially but also health wise. Medications have side effects which range from drowsiness, to increased appetite, to depression and anxiety to infertility.

The third way we typically deal with allergies is by helping the body be as healthy as possible so the effects are minimal. This can include avoiding pro-inflammatory foods, normalizing our immune system through chiropractic adjustments and nutrition, and getting proper rest.

But what if you could just eliminate them altogther. How can you do this? Just watch this 7 minute video to learn how. If after watching this video, you would like to learn more, then sign up for our seminar on Thursday April 15th, 2010.


  1. Thanks for post! now I know What to do.

  2. Woow! Very informative post!!! Now I know what are the different kinds of allergies symptoms.